When Will Muscle Cars End up being Manufactured Again

If you are a person in your forties or fifties, and you have fond memories of your first car, more than likely you had an All-American muscle car. There is a growing trend of people throughout the United States shopping for classic muscle cars to restore. The biggest reason for this is because nobody makes cars like this anymore. Everyone seems to be wondering why no one has started to develop muscle cars again.

Chevy and Ford are already bringing out new editions of Camaro’s and Mustangs ever since the 60’s. The issue is that these cars today are unlike the powerful muscle cars they once were. When is somebody going to make a muscle car with a 327 and a 4 barrel carburetor ever again. Unfortunately the answer to this question is most likely never.

Here’s the problem, everyone is so caught up in improving things they forget about what was already perfect. One perfect case in point is the 1967 Camaro, which was the most significant muscle cars ever. Although it received many honors and was quite popular, Chevy stopped producing it. Which also goes for the 1966 Mustang, an amazing car with a great style and they just stopped making it.

However here comes the amusing thing. The renowned VW Bug ended key production in the late seventies, but was introduced a few decades later. The newest Beetle sold nicely even with its ultra modern design. Had they stuck to the original style, they could have sold more. It’s tough to do well if you consistently believe that doing things a new way is always better.

Here is a little something to consider. If Chevy ended up with a new Camaro with a 327 engine and 4 barrel carburetor, and if they ignored all the computer equipment and built the car like they used to, how many of you would want one? I’ve asked hundreds of people throughout the years and the answer was all the same: they would definitely buy one. So why hasn’t this occurred? It seems like we have a demand for these classic cars but it doesn’t look like the car companies are listening.

When will Ford or GM determine that this may be a good time to build cars like the good old days? I am certain that selling these timeless American cars will be very worthwhile for the car companies. Yet until these companies start taking note of their customers, you’ll have people looking for old muscle cars to restore.

Maybe at some point a muscle car junkie will be the CEO of Ford or GM and decide to start making muscle cars again. At this time, these executives think technological innovation makes better cars. Personally I think it’s about time to get back to the basics.